AskPinocchio Fake news detection


Fake news and mis-information erode the core values of democracy, mutual respect, and freedom of a society. This project want to help restore a sense of confidence in the news and information that is circulated in our society. The project goals are:

  • Provide services that inform users across the world of whether particular news items (such as articles published in websites or Facebook posts) are likely to be accurate, or should be checked with care.
  • Provide services that foster debate on the truth or reliability of news items, including Wikipedia news.
  • Provide the means for people to compare opinions and points of view, and perhaps reach a shared understanding.
  • Develop the algorithms, mathematical insights, machine-learning techniques, and research into computer science and human behavior to enable the above concrete goals.


  • Our online automatic fake news detection tool: Note that it is not working anymore.
  • Eugenio Tacchini, Gabriele Ballarin, Marco L. Della Vedova, Stefano Moret and Luca De Alfaro, "Some Like it Hoax: Automated Fake News Detection in Social Networks", in SoGood workshop at the ECML/PKDD Conference, Sept. 2017, Skopje, Macedonia, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Volume 1960, 2017. ISSN: 16130073.
  • Marco L. Della Vedova, Eugenio Tacchini, Stefano Moret, Gabriele Ballarin, Massimo Di Pierro and Luca de Alfaro, "Automatic Online Fake News Detection Combining Content and Social Signals", in 22nd FRUCT Conference, May 2018, Jyvaskyla, Finland.


Eugenio Tacchini, Stefano Moret, Gabriele Ballarin, Luca de Alfaro, Massimo Di Pierro.


Our work gained the attention of some newspapers, websites and radios. Here's a list.