Research projects

Here's a list of things I've worked on.

Active projects Past projects

Credits to OpenMoji for the icons.

Active projects

DAISY conversational agent

Developing a fully interpretable, general-purpose dialogue manager for conversational AI.

AI for Social Good

Towards fairness, accountability, and transparency in AI/ML.

Best route-choice

The aim of this project is to develop an automated method to compute the best route choice in orienteering.

Past projects

Probabilistic scheduling in Cloud Computing

Managing uncertain workloads in an environment with uncertain performance.


Analizing data about the Travi&Profilati di Palazzeno steel mill, close to Brescia. Founded by Ministero Sviluppo Economico.

Hate speech detection

Contrasting hate speech online [with MediaVox].


Automated Fake News Detection in Social Networks.

Electric load forecast

... [with Interlogica].


... [with Interlogica].

Real-Time Physical Systems

Real-time scheduling of physical systems (my Ph.D. thesis and first years as researcher).


Platooning of mobile robots (my master thesis).